Amazon Kingfisher

Walking along the bird trail at Lower Dover, we came across what we thought to be an Amazon Kingfisher. We quickly snapped this photo, before it flew off down the Belize River. Our jungle log indicates we encountered the bird on  October 23 at approximately 9:25 a.m., when we were scouting for potential Cohune nut clusters for harvest. The bird was located at the confluence of the Belize River and Big Barton Creek.

After our hike, we consulted Birds of Belize, our Bird Bible, written by H. Lee Jones. We were debating back and forth, between the Green Kingfisher, and the Amazon Kingfisher.  The crest at the back of the head, and the full green tail led us to the conclusion we had spotted an Amazon Kingfisher.

On October 25, we decided to head out a bit earlier, and focus on getting some bird pictures. At 8:30a.m., we found both a female, green breasted, and the male, orange breasted, sitting on the same log as two days previous. This spotting confirmed our previous conclusion, due the fact that the female Amazon Kingfisher has only a single green breast stripe which is often incomplete.

The Amazon Kingfisher is generally found in forested river and streams, which lucky for us, Lower Dover features on three sides of it’s property, and is classified as a lowland broadleaf forrest.

These two sightings served as the inspiration for us to log our hikes and bird sightings in a book we now carry anytime we enter into the jungle.


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