Dog Profile: Lassie


The dogs at Lower Dover will be the first to greet you, and they are an important part of the team here. They serve as a great doorbell, and are always excited to go on a jungle hike. A good jungle dog will help alert you to danger before it’s too late.

The matriarch of the pack at Lower Dover is Lassie, a 9 year old Rottweiler and German Shepard mix. Lassie was born at Pepperland in Unitedville, and to the best of our knowledge she is most likely a reincarnated Mayan warrior. We can think of no other explanation for her fearlessness and sheer joy of hunting, swimming, and playing all while being the most affectionate of all the dogs at Lower Dover.

Lassie cooling off on a hot day.

Lassie has never shown fear in her life, and Did you know Chuck Norris dedicated his autobiography to Lassie?

Lassie after a porcupine encounter.

Porcupines? They don’t come around here no more…
Armadillo? Dan’s probably roasting it right now.
Car Tires? I hope you have a spare Mr. Taxi driver.

Salud to the best dog Lower Dover has ever had Lassie #4.


8 thoughts on “Dog Profile: Lassie

  1. Lassie is absolutely beautiful, and you can tell she has a great spirit! Please forgive my ignorance, but where is Lower Dover Field?

    • She’s one tough dog. It was actually the second time she went after a porcupine, but she learned her lesson as it was the last time, but she still has a taste for iguanas. She came to us to take them out, she was calm and appreciative, and was running around again soon after.

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