Red-Lored Parrot

Red-Lored Parrot

During our short time as bird enthusiasts, we’ve learned you have to be ready at all times to get a good shot. On October 26th approximately 3:00 p.m, during a cloudy, rainy afternoon, we posted up next to an orange tree on the grounds. From our perch, we were eye level with the top of the tree, and there was a flurry of activity. Most of the birds we saw were hidden from the camera deep in the tree, however just as we were about to call it a day, a Red-Lored Parrot decided to have a quick afternoon snack on some ripe oranges.

We have been accustomed to hearing flocks of parakeets flying in the late afternoon, but we had yet to see a full sized parrot. According to the bird bible, Birds of Belize, by H. Lee Jones, there are 10 parrots native to Belize. Aside from the Scarlet Macaw, all the parrots have green bodies. Most of the distinguishing features occur in the head and wing area.

Incoming Parakeets

Our Parrot was kind enough to sit still for some quick snaps, showing off his profile, and his head. We were easily able to identify it as a Red-Lored Parrot. The identification, according to Birds of Belize is as follows: “Blue crown, red forehead,  and yellow cheeks.” It’s habitat is identified as: “the canopy and sub-canopy in most forested habitats, including open pine savannas and patchy forest..”

Posing for a shot.

We are quite fortunate to have so many mature fruit trees on the manicured grounds because they are a favorite of some of the coolest birds in Belize. With a little patience the birds will come to you.

Profile of the Red-Lored Parrot


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