Hotel Sustainability: Rain Water Collection

Rain Water Collection System at Lower Dover

At Lower Dover Field Station and Jungle Lodge, we go to great lengths to be as sustainable as possible within our means.  We compost, air dry our linens, encourage our guests to use public transit to reach us, swim in natural swimming pools, and reject the use of endangered bay leaf palm roofing thatch. Only our library roof is made with thatch, and was constructed nearly 20 years ago.  In fact, Lower Dover participates in conservation efforts to replant and protect many endangered plants and tree species, most of which are visible on our medicinal plant trail.

Rain water shower and drinking tank at Lower Dover.

Instead of endangered thatch, we use readily available zinc, which benefits us in two ways. It is less expensive, and allows for the sustainable act of collecting rainwater for drinking and showering.  All drinking water is screened twice before entering the water collection cistern, then filtered with a purification extension for the most clean and fresh water possible.  We save our rainwater for bathing and drinking only. To further conserve the rainwater, we use local creek water for all the bathroom sinks and flush toilets.

Sustainable Showering!

The rainwater showers are a magical experience for our guests used to hard treated water at home! Travelers that stay at Lower Dover rave about how clean their hair and skin feel after washing with fresh water. When the sun hasn’t been heating the tanks, guest will be happy to know that most of our showers are heated by a low current electrical shower head. We also advocate the use of earth friendly soaps, and suggest you bring some locally made, natural soaps home with you as gifts for your family and friends.

Ah clean water!


4 thoughts on “Hotel Sustainability: Rain Water Collection

  1. Very neat and pretty. Appreciable effort to conserve water.
    Here in India , we have droughts and water shortage. Some of the state Governments have encouraged people to build houses with rainwater harvesting facilities. We too are making efforts to conserve . A small step , of course.

  2. This is an amazing project, I really love it.
    Maybe we can send you some water from here in Ireland, we have too much.
    Only joking, it looks like you are doing an amazing job there and the photos are just beautiful.
    I love the colours too.
    Maybe someday I will make it to Belize, I would love to stay with you.
    Until then, take care and keep up the wonderful work.

    Dave Kennedy

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