University of Wisconsin Alumni Jungle Lodge in Belize salutes the Badgers on the 2011 Rose Bowl bid & Big Ten Title

To our knowledge, there are plenty of University of Wisconsin themed bars around the world where its possible to have a few drinks and watch the Badgers steamroll their competition. However, Lower Dover Field Station and Jungle Lodge in Belize seems to be the only Badger’s themed hotel in the world outside of maybe Madison…and we have the Badgers on satellite t.v.!

Cookhouse Wisconin Capital Reminder

When Wisconsin alumni stay at Lower Dover, they have the once in a lifetime opportunity to get their picture taken with 8 foot inflatable Bucky, what’s not to love about that?

Get your photo taken with Bucky!

It’s also possible to view the only moose antlers in Central America, a hold over from my grandparent’s old Madison, Wisconsin bar “Phil & Larry’s Grin and Bear It” located where the Essen Haus is now. The moose head survived intact for about a year, before the jungle humidity did what 60 years of bar cigarette smoke could not, and rotted the head so now only the antlers remain. The paper mache molding rotting away was the ultimate cause of the head falling off, and it was made with newspaper from Jan 1, 1941!

Moose head from Madison, Wisconsin - Go Badgers!

It made it this far now only the antlers remain...

We are very proud of our pool table and dart board in the entertainment room at Lower Dover Jungle Lodge. How many other places can you shoot billiards in the middle of the rainforest? Nowhere in Belize that I am aware of…How many times can you shoot pool in the jungle with Bucky Badger on a pool table with red felt? Like I said this is once in a lifetime!

Bucky shooting pool in the jungle

In honor of Montee Ball’s historic season and Wisconsin’s second consecutive Rose Bowl birth Lower Dover Jungle Lodge is offering a 28% discount off nightly room rates to Wisconsin alumni wanting to experience “Real Belize…The Right Way”. For alumni groups wishing to book the entire Jungle Lodge, complete with private Mayan Ruins and 100 jungle acres to hike, a special deal of BUY ONE NIGHT GET ONE NIGHT FREE exists. Rate is $1200 a night for up to 15 people including taxes, food, and transfers. Alcohol, soda, and tours are extra. This promotion ends on January 1, 2012, mention Wisconsin Alumni upon booking. Email in order to enjoy the Mayan Ruin Badger jungle experience during 2012.

Bucky on a Mayan Ruin at Lower Dover Jungle Lodge


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