Animals of Lower Dover Jungle Lodge : Iguana

All along the Belize River, it is common to encounter large iguanas sunning themselves high in trees over hanging the river. The most common trees to find these prehistoric creatures are figs, but not the Newton variety, the wild strain. These trees provide abundant fruit for iguanas to eat along the Belize River edge, especially between San Ignacio and Lower Dover Jungle Lodge. There are two extremely large fig trees along Big Barton Creek near the rear of our property on the bird watching trail.

Fig Trees at Lower Dover Jungle Lodge with Dog Lassie : photo by CarolineDixeyPhotography

Iguanas also sun themselves in fig trees, because as a reptile, they need help in regulating their body temperatures. During a recent 1/2 day canoe trip from the Spanish Lookout ferry to Lower Dower, our guests spotted over 20 of the iguanas lounging along the Belize River. Even the iguanas were trying to get a tropical tan in Belize over Christmas break.

Iguana near Belize River canoeing from Lower Dover Jungle Lodge

When walking on the nature trails at Lower Dover Jungle Lodge, lucky guests have twice encountered iguanas in their native habitat with a little help from one of our dogs named Lassie.  Another reason to always have your camera ready while hiking the jungle trails at Lower Dover.

Iguana seen hiking on jungle trails at Lower Dover Jungle Lodge

Iguana-On Front Porch at Lower Dover in Belize


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