Mushroom Madness

Can you help us identify these mushroom we found on our jungle walk today at Lower Dover.?

Update: Many thanks to one our readers, Lisa, from the Mycologista Blog,  for helping us identify some these mushrooms. The others might be too hard without better photographic  evidence, and a better description. We’ll likely head to the trails and see if we can spot some of these again, and perhaps we’ll get lucky and spot some new ones.

Ling Chih - Ganoderma Lucidum.

Netted Stinkhorn- Dictyophora Duplicata

Cinnabar Red Polypore - Pycnoporus Cinnabarinus


9 thoughts on “Mushroom Madness

  1. Hi there! That first one is a classic Ling Chih, Ganoderma lucidum.
    #2, not enough detail to offer a guess, sorry (plus I’m not that good w/ bracket fungi).
    #3, could be oysters, Pleurotus ostreatum–but don’t even think about eating them without better ID. These are past their prime anyway…
    #4, Crazy! No idea, nothing like that in the Midwest.
    #5, the fabulous Netted Stinkhorn, Dictyophora duplicata.
    #6, try Trametes, but that’s a big “maybe”…pore surface will help nail down the ID…
    #7,8: Best guess, a type of Coprinus (Ink Cap). No promises.
    #9, Cinnabar-red Polypore, Pycnoporus cinnabarinus.
    The rest: no idea! And what is that, a whole bunch of little brown caterpillars in that last photo???

    • Awesome! Thanks for your help Lisa!

      The last picture, it looks like worms, and when we originally took the picture, we did a double take on the log, but it was some sort of fungus as well. We’ll have to try to ID it again, with better shots.

  2. Hello yeah no 3 not so sure they are oysters like Lisa says but photo 4 looks like young “king alfeds cakes” ( Daldinia concentrica) found on dead wood mainly ash and beech. Not edible
    Photo six looks like “Turkey tail” (Trametes versicolor) but not sure need scloser examination, not edible,
    Picture 10 and 11 look like plumbs and custard (Tricholomopsis rutilans) found on dead conifer mostly pine. Hope this helps, dont eat any until your sure of what they are! Inedible again.

    hope this helps,


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