Video: Wildlife on Recently Identified Maya site “Lower Dover” in Belize

Last summer during the BVAR archaeological dig at Lower Dover Field Station and Jungle Lodge, Chaya, one of our dogs, started barking like crazy on an adjacent Maya plaza .  I hustled about 50 yards to see what the commotion was all about.

Excavated Maya wall on structure at Lower Dover in Belize

As I arrived, I was amazed to see a mother Quash and her 3 young babies stuck in the tree with a hungry dog wanting at them.  Unfortunately I was unable to get my camera out fast enough to see the babies. The mother outsmarted our dog and let the three baby quash escape while distracting our special friend by standing on this Cahoon Palm leaf over her head.

Mother Quash at Lower Dover Jungle Lodge Belize

This Maya temple at the Lower Dover archaeology site is my particular favorite. The view of the entire Belize River valley is truly commanding. The farm fields seen are part of the present day Spanish Lookout Mennonite community.  However, that exact spot is also the ancient Maya housing settlement of Barton Ramie. Lower Dover exists immediately adjacent to the site, covered by 100 jungle acres, in between Big Barton Creek and Little Barton Creek, along the bank of the Belize River.  50+ years of academic work, first started by Harvard Archaeologist Gordon Willey, considered Barton Ramie to be under Xunantunich’s political influence.  Future archaeology digs will undoubtedly prove this to be at least somewhat wrong.

Lower Dover Jungle Lodge next to Barton Ramie Maya Site

My apologies about the dog barking. Mute it if you wish, or just blast Death From Above 1979 like I did.


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