Super Foto Friday: Bird Watching Bonanza – Aracaris in Belize

Male and Female Collared Aracari

It’s pretty common to see the Collared Aracari flying around Lower Dover Jungle Lodge in Belize. We actually did a story about them when we first started the blog. You can find the story by clicking here. Be sure to click on the images for a larger version, it’s well worth it!

Collared Aracari on a papaya tree in Belize

Distinct red marking on the Collared Aracari

The Collared Aracari, also known as the social toucanet, is one of the most colorful birds in Belize, and a cousin to the national bird of Belize, the Toucan. They usually fly high in the tree canopies, and although they are easy to spot and see up close with binoculars, it’s not very often that you see them near eye level.

Collared Aracari in mid-flight!

Another shot of the Collared Aracari Mid-Flight!

This morning, the male and female Aracaris must have been hungry, because they were trying to get at the Papayas for a good 5 minutes. We were able to get relatively close, and snap these awesome pictures while the pair tried unsuccessfully to get at a Papaya.  I guess they’ll have to wait until the woodpecker opens one up again.

Aracari scouting the papayas.

Social Toucanet in Belize at Lower Dover.

Male and Female Collared Aracaris in Belize

It was a perfect morning for tropical birding, and over the next few weeks, we will be putting out some fantastic pictures and stories about more Belize birds that can be seen in abundance on any given day here at Lower Dover. It’s truly a bird watcher’s paradise.

Distinct red stripe on the Collared Aracari.

Birding in Belize pays off! - Collared Aracari on the hunt for Papayas.

Collared Aracari also known as the Social Toucanet.

Collared Aracari at Lower Dover Jungle Lodge Belize.

Collared Aracari in Western Belize.

Collared Aracari aka the Social Toucanet.


21 thoughts on “Super Foto Friday: Bird Watching Bonanza – Aracaris in Belize

  1. What an amazing bird….I wish we had something as colourful as that in the UK. It must be wonderful to see such stunning wildlife on a regular basis. You are very lucky indeed. I just love the “mid flight” shots….fantastic.I wrote a post recently on birds in my garden check it out here and you’ll see the difference!!!

  2. Awe, that was my favorite animal at the zoo when we visited… would have loved to have seen one in the wild. Wish we were there! Can’t believe it’s already been a year.

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