Super Foto Friday: Red-lored Parrot

A couple of Red-lored Parrots in Belize.

A few months ago when we started this blog we wrote a story about a White-fronted Parrot. We were so excited that the parrot had posed for some pictures, that we were quick to identify it. In our birding haze, we identified incorrectly.

Red-lored Parrots at Lower Dover.

It was only after sighting the same parrots yesterday, that we realized it was actually a Red-Lored Parrot, and this time the photo posing was even better.

Red-lored Parrots showing off for the camera.

A couple of parrots noticed us below, and decided to put on a show for us. They were exposing their tail feathers, spreading their wings, and the male even went in for a kiss. When we were reviewing the photos we realized that it was Red-lored parrot, and not the White fronted Parrot.

Red-lored Parrots in Belize.

The Red-lored Parrot is also known as the Red-lored Amazon, the Yellow Cheeked Parrot,  and the Mango Parrot.

Red-lored Parrot at Lower Dover Jungle Lodge.

Red-lored Parrots in love.

Going in for the kiss, Red-lored Parrots in love.


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