Foto Friday: Belize Stink Bug

Stink Bug in Belize.

When we originally saw this bug, we thought it was a beetle. However, we submitted the pictures to, and we were informed it is a stink bug in the family Pentatomidae, but they couldn’t pin point the species. The good news was it didn’t stink, and it had very vibrant colors.

Stink Bug in Belize.

If you know the type of bug, please let us know in the comments.

Stink Bug in Belize


Stink Bug in Belize.



6 thoughts on “Foto Friday: Belize Stink Bug

  1. Actually I think pentatomid stink bugs do have a peculiar smell, not really a stink though. Some species emit an odor that has cyanide in it, as an antipredator defense. The odor is so distinctive that I can tell if these stink bugs are nearby in the vegetation, just by their distinctive smell.

  2. When I was a child, regrettably, I found that some of these “stink bugs” become really stinky when/as they are crushed. I don’t know how that would be an adaptation that would help them survive to reproduce…but that’s what I found.

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