Name the sheep contest winners

Thanks to everyone that participated in the name the sheep contest. It was a tough choice. In the end we still like two of our names and that complicates the voting a bit.

the Baby, two females, and the ram.

The new ram will be called…JED! Congrats to Nick enjoy your 3 nights free stay at Lower Dover Jungle Lodge in Belize.

Our new ewe will be called… LADY BAA BAA! Congrats Debbie. Looks like we will see you and Chris again soon!

As for the white ewe sisters, we decided to go our own route and name them the GABOR SISTERS after the famous Hollywood socialites. Farm living is the life for me!

Everyone that participated is welcome to a t-shirt or a night’s bar tab on the house, your choice. But because we are declaring everyone a winner, you have to pick it up here.


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