Nohoch Che’en Cave Tubing Adventure Photos of Belize

Getting our tubes ready for the cave

Cave tubing is a very popular day trip for Belize cruise ship passengers. For guests of Lower Dover Belize Jungle Lodge wanting to go cave tubing, the trip is best if you miss this midday gringo herd. Early morning or late afternoon trips are best. Don’t worry about getting a guide at the highway, ask for Deion at the park entrance 7 miles in. He will give you a great tour for $35 USD each. It’s not possible to do this trip by bus so guests must have a taxi lined up or provide their own transportation. We recommend guests of Lower Dover to stop at the Belize Zoo or Cave Tubing on the way to our jungle lodge form the airport if they are being picked up by taxi.

Caves Branch River Cave Tubing Cruise Ship "cattle pen"

It is a 30 minute scenic jungle hike to the cave entrance, requiring walking up steps and carrying your tube. Guests with physical limitations should be cautioned. Although this is a much easier trip physically than ATM Cave, it’s still fun, especially for a family with kids. However, there are better adventures in Belize for thrill seekers, so plan accordingly based on budget, time, and desire. Also, zip line tours are optional here, but it is not worth it. We have better options locally at Calico Jack’s if you are interested.

Nohoch Che'en NICH Belize Reserve Entrance Sign

Even after agreeing with a guide for $35 USD, a $5 USD park entrance fee is still necessary.

One of the limestone outcroppings along the walk to the cave

The river you cross on the jungle hike is also the one cave tubed.

The river you cross on the jungle hike is also the one cave tubed.

It's about a 30 minute, slightly difficult, jungle hike to reach the cave.

Along the way you will see some dry caves

Another dry cave on the cave tubing hike, headlamps provided.

River entrance to cave tubing adventure in Belize

Cave entrance - cave tubing day tour in Belize

Looking back at the last bit of natural light when entering the cave adventure

Dad's tube sizes available. (Dad - Fat abbreviation)

The lights provided are not great, but they still give off enough light to avoid crashing into walls

There is an awesome cave waterfall that provides a nice photo opportunity

Cave waterfall at alternative cave exploring entrance - Belize day tours

People ask, won't your camera get wet?? Well not with Deion safely guiding our cave tubing trip!

Leaving the waterfall while cave tubing in Belize

Only about 30 minutes total in the cave until you exit! It goes by quick!

If you are not on a cruise ship there is time to relax as you continue floating down the river.

Leaving the cave while tubing in Belize

A rough 7 mile trip to the western highway awaits your trip back to Lower Dover Belize Jungle Lodge


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