Bird Watching in Belize: Black-Headed Saltator

Black-Headed Saltator seen while bird watching at Lower Dover Jungle Lodge

One of the best parts of hiking near the unexcavated Mayan site of Lower Dover in Belize is the surrounding wildlife. The jungle lodge at Lower Dover contains some of the last remaining bush area along the Belize River in the Cayo District. This vital habitat provides ample opportunity to see birds, all while getting a tour of the Maya ceremonial center in the backyard.

Black Headed Saltator - Bird Photography in Belize

We stumbled upon this group of Black Headed Saltators making a scene in the trees over one of the larger Mayan temples. Most of the time multiple Saltators will be seen traveling together and blasting their bird calls in unison. Luckily for our bird watching friends, we were able to see both the male and female together in the same tree.

Male and Female Black-Headed Saltator on Lower Dover Mayan Temple


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