Baby Toucan at Lower Dover Belize Jungle Lodge

Last summer we noticed what seemed to be a Toucan’s nest in a Bullet Tree located on one of Lower Dover Jungle Lodge’s wide nature trails. Two large male and female Keel-Billed Toucans would regularly go in and out of a small notch located where the tree limbs meet the trunk about 35 feet from the ground. We decided to set up with our Flip video camera one evening to capture the bird in flight and this is what we saw.

We were never able to confirm baby birds in the nest, until today, one year later, in the exact same Bullet tree! There is a saying around here on the most copied blog in Belize…”No bird pic no bird proof.” These are the pictures of the baby bird sticking its head out of the nest taken this morning. This was easily one of the most memorable bird sightings and all around nature experiences ever witnessed at Lower Dover.

Baby Toucan sighting at Lower Dover

Baby bird photo of Keel-Billed Toucan

Bird photography at Lower Dover Belize Jungle Lodge

Immature Keel-Billed Toucan

Belize Birding at it’s best

Wild baby Toucan peeking out of its nest in Belize

Lower Dover Belize Jungle Lodge Nature Photos

These photos were taken with a point and shoot and without a tripod. Guests of our jungle lodge don’t have to be professional photographers to get great bird shots. Now that the Toucans are back nesting on a yearly basis (fingers crossed!), Lower Dover Jungle Lodge guests will continue to witness top-notch birding opportunities when experiencing “Real Belize the Right Way!”


Jungle Bird Alarm: Plain Chachalaca

When we went to the Belize Zoo on a day trip from Lower Dover Jungle Lodge, we got a lot of “cheap shots”, which is fine because wildlife photographers have been taking them at the Belize Zoo for years. Because of the zoo’s unique natural setting, National Geographic used to shoot jungle action videos from the cages of the Belize Zoo.

Plain Chacalaca at the Belize Zoo

This time we didn’t have a cage, but this Plain Chacalaca decided to stop at a feed dish to eat some of the fruit left for one of the animals. These birds have it nice at the zoo with cut fruit!  They have to pick it off the trees at Lower Dover, but that makes for a bunch of opportunites.for great bird pics. 

Cheap Shot!! Chacalaca eating from fruit bowl at the Belize Zoo

Easy Birding Photos: Female Summer Tanager at the Belize Zoo

Again with the cheap shots at the Belize Zoo! Just a second before we photographed the Chacalaca, a female Summer Tanager was seen eating fruit from the same bowl! It is best for guests to visit the Belize Zoo while getting a taxi ride to/from Lower Dover Jungle Lodge from the airport.

More Cheap Bird Photos from the Belize Zoo

Found in Belize during the winters, Birds of Belize, by H. Lee Jones describes the female Summer Tanager as mustard olive above, mustard yellow below, with some individuals orangish throughout.

Summer Tanager photos don’t get easier to take than this!

This female tanager is different than the Hepatic Tanager, due to her pale bill, and is not the Scarlet Tanager because Scarlet’s have shorter bills.

Summer Tanager – Bird Watching in Belize

Birds of Belize – Male and Female Russet Antshrike

While on our day tour to the Belize Zoo from Lower Dover Jungle Lodge we noticed something. There were just as many animals outside the cages as inside! The Belize Zoo is located in native habitat to many of these birds and other various small mammals, so it is not uncommon to get a few unexpected wildlife photographs on your trip.

Male Russet Antshrike bird photo from Belize

In this case, we saw both the male and female Russet Antshrike.  We found it difficult to identify this bird species. The red eyes helped. So did the bill. In the end we settled with Russet Antshrike given the similarities between sexes as noted by Birds of Belize, by H. Lee Jones.

Female Russet Ant-shrike at Belize Zoo