Birds of Belize – Male and Female Russet Antshrike

While on our day tour to the Belize Zoo from Lower Dover Jungle Lodge we noticed something. There were just as many animals outside the cages as inside! The Belize Zoo is located in native habitat to many of these birds and other various small mammals, so it is not uncommon to get a few unexpected wildlife photographs on your trip.

Male Russet Antshrike bird photo from Belize

In this case, we saw both the male and female Russet Antshrike.  We found it difficult to identify this bird species. The red eyes helped. So did the bill. In the end we settled with Russet Antshrike given the similarities between sexes as noted by Birds of Belize, by H. Lee Jones.

Female Russet Ant-shrike at Belize Zoo


5 thoughts on “Birds of Belize – Male and Female Russet Antshrike

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  3. You guys are way……………way off. This is the very common Clay-colored Robin!!!!
    Russet Antshrike is a canopy rainforest bird.

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