Foto Friday: Praying Mantis Insect Pictures

Praying Mantis Photo in Belize

We found this Mantis hanging out on the porch after a rain storm. Pretty cool!

Close up insect photography

Insects of Belize: Praying Mantis Photography

Bug Photo Close Up

Alien Insect

We come in peace Earthlings


Sunday Snapshots: Termite’s Nest Up Close and Personal

Termite nest on Mango tree in Belize

This year we trimmed back a Mango tree so our Avocado tree could get some sun. In the wake of our cutting, these termites decided to make a nest and attempt to finish off the job. Notice how fast the Mango has grown back in 3 months!

Termites at work in the jungle. Sorry for breaking up the party guys

Normally the termites would be inside their nest. However, we just disturbed the outside to expose the insects for a photo. Plus, tour guides in Belize say the termites taste like carrots. We had to try it out for ourselves!

Termites taste a little like carrots, but I taste peppermint

I did not taste carrots. Instead, the termite had a peppermint flavor. Maybe it was wishful thinking? I never cared much for carrots.  Maybe we will save a couple of bucks and start using termite toothpaste? Don’t worry, Lower Dover Jungle Lodge is not that eco-friendly…yet!  Do a jungle hike at Lower Dover and taste the termites yourself!

Close up photo inside of termite nest

Termite photography in Belize

Termites tunneling through wood and making a nest of wood pulp

Foto Friday: Belize Stink Bug

Stink Bug in Belize.

When we originally saw this bug, we thought it was a beetle. However, we submitted the pictures to, and we were informed it is a stink bug in the family Pentatomidae, but they couldn’t pin point the species. The good news was it didn’t stink, and it had very vibrant colors.

Stink Bug in Belize.

If you know the type of bug, please let us know in the comments.

Stink Bug in Belize


Stink Bug in Belize.