Tropical Bird Pics – Collared Aracari at Lower Dover Belize Jungle Lodge


Aracari at Lower Dover Belize Jungle Lodge

Sometimes it is easy to get great bird photos at Lower Dover Field Station in Western Belize.  Today was one of those days…


Bird Pictures from Lower Dover Belize Jungle Lodge

It seems a family of 5 Social Toucanette’s has been flying around the hotel grounds at Lower Dover. Recently it has been common to see multiple Aracari’s perched on the nearby papaya trees, eating when the fruit is ripe.


Social Toucanette family at Lower Dover Belize Jungle Lodge


Tropical birds eating at Lower Dover Belize Jungle Lodge



Jungle papaya fest for some lucky birds


Free lunch, serve yourself at Lower Dover Belize Jungle Lodge

Today we noticed the same group of birds feasting on a bee’s nest and got these amazing bird photographs with a point and shoot camera! No tripod even… The Cannon PowerShot SX 260 HS camera is something special!


Two collared aracari on cedar tree in Belize

It also helps that these birds seem to care less about the photographer and more about the sweet treats that nature provides. I was about 20 feet away, sitting on the ground, when most of these shots were taken.


Each of the five toucan cousins took turns feasting on what seemed to be honey inside the woodpecker’s hole in a cedar tree. The birds would eat as much as it could for about 30 seconds before flying away due to constant stinging. One gulp of honey, two beak swipes at the attacking bees, rinse, repeat.


Aracari eating bees from a nest

Occasionally the bird would even catch a bee, and seemingly eat it in one bite! Other times I could see the bees trying to sting the bird through the camera’s zoom finder, only to have the Aracari feast on its brother or sister one second later.


Aracari with bee in beak at Lower Dover Belize Jungle Lodge


The colors and lighting were perfect for these bird photos but the camera sure did help. I would suggest anyone looking for an upgrade to look into this model. Only 25% of these photos were minimally altered with photoshop for color and tone.


Staring contest with a bird


Anyone that is looking to do some serious birdwatching in Belize would be silly to not stop at Lower Dover in Unitedville.  Occasionally the Aracari are so docile they decide to pose for camera shots in the palm of your hand!





These jungle birds seem as if they are here to stay, and there is plenty of food on Lower Dover’s 100 acre property to make sure it remains that way.  Our eco-lodge is located between Little Barton Creek and Big Barton Creek, along the Belize River, an ideal location for birders. The numerous fruit trees,  85 acres of jungle, and multiple water sources attract more birds than just the Aracari as you can in Lower Dover’s top bird pictures from last year.


Foto Friday: Praying Mantis Insect Pictures

Praying Mantis Photo in Belize

We found this Mantis hanging out on the porch after a rain storm. Pretty cool!

Close up insect photography

Insects of Belize: Praying Mantis Photography

Bug Photo Close Up

Alien Insect

We come in peace Earthlings

A walk through the Jungle.

Jungle trails at Lower Dover

Lower Dover boats over 1.5 miles of seasoned trails in protected Belizean Jungle. Guests that have the opportunity to stay at Lower Dover marvel at the flora and fauna that this diverse ecosystem has to offer. It’s a great place for amateur and professional photographers to test their skills.  We are always amazed at how each walk through the jungle is unique and how different things can catch different eyes.

Here are some photos from a recent walk on the medicinal nature trails at Lower Dover.

Jungle trails at Lower Dover.

Cohune Palm at Lower Dover

Plantain Tree at Lower Dover

Wild Pineapple at Lower Dover

Strangler Fig at Lower Dover

Waterfall at Lower Dover

Huge tree at Lower Dover.

Guanacaste Tree at Lower Dover.

Kiskadee- The bird in our logo, they’re always around at Lower Dover.

Mayflowers at Lower Dover.

Easy Birding Photos: Female Summer Tanager at the Belize Zoo

Again with the cheap shots at the Belize Zoo! Just a second before we photographed the Chacalaca, a female Summer Tanager was seen eating fruit from the same bowl! It is best for guests to visit the Belize Zoo while getting a taxi ride to/from Lower Dover Jungle Lodge from the airport.

More Cheap Bird Photos from the Belize Zoo

Found in Belize during the winters, Birds of Belize, by H. Lee Jones describes the female Summer Tanager as mustard olive above, mustard yellow below, with some individuals orangish throughout.

Summer Tanager photos don’t get easier to take than this!

This female tanager is different than the Hepatic Tanager, due to her pale bill, and is not the Scarlet Tanager because Scarlet’s have shorter bills.

Summer Tanager – Bird Watching in Belize