Friday Flower Photos: “Spring” in Belize

The dry season is officially on at Lower Dover Jungle Lodge in Belize. It is a little strange to see all of the flowers in Belize blooming as the leaves are dropping due to lack of rain. Lower Dover has a deciduous rainforest on the property, not the evergreen version found near the equator. This means most of the leaves fall in the spring when the there is no rain so the trees have enough energy to seed.

Growing up in the States, spring time meant green and growth, where as Belize has a lengthy dry season during the same months. It’s just hot and dry in Belize until the hurricane season starts in June. So if you visit Lower Dover in the next 2 months don’t be shocked to see lots of brown leaves on the ground. Luckily there are many bright flowers blooming to offset the lack of forest.

Flower in bloom from a Zericote Tree

Cashew blossom with ant pollinators

Papaya flower blossom

Orange Blossom at Lower Dover Belize Jungle Lodge

Nopal Cactus Blossom

Noni Fruit Blossom with bee pollinators

Purple jungle flower with bee pollinator

This tree gives off yellow flowers to signal the dry season

Pink tropical flower from the bunkhouse garden

Blooming flowers from the bunkhouse garden at Lower Dover

Tropical pink roses with morning dew at Lower Dover Belize Jungle Lodge

Lower Dover dormitory flower garden white blossoms

We grow Marigold's everywhere as a organic pesticide

Pink flowers found at the Lower Dover bunkhouse flower garden


Sunday Snapshots: Orchid (and Ant) Photography in Belize

Yellow orchid growing from Cedar Tree

We spotted this unknown yellow orchid in bloom at Lower Dover Jungle Lodge. It seems like the ants were acting as pollinators for the orchid. Notice the root system holding the plant to the bark of the Cedar tree. Does anyone know what kind of orchid this is?

Orchid Root System

Orchid buds getting ready to bloom

Orchid's being pollinated by ants

Unknown Orchid in Bloom

Orchid at Lower Dover Jungle Lodge in Belize

Orchid picture with ant at Lower Dover Jungle Lodge in Belize

Orchid Photography in Belize