About Lower Dover

Lower Dover’s 100 acre property is located in Unitedville, Cayo District, Belize, 1/2 mile from the mile 59 Western Highway near the Unitedville Hardware store road. Our Jungle Lodge has a well established series of nature trails for our guest’s convenience and  hiking pleasure. We have about 1.5 miles of well maintained jungle trails that provide easy access to the Belize River and our “rock beach”, Big Barton Creek and our “sand beach”, and Little Barton Creek’s natural swimming pools. Don’t forget your camera! Guests have seen tapirs, howler monkeys, peccary, river otters, porcupines, toucans, parrots, and other native and migratory birds that call Lower Dover home, It’s a real jungle adventure!

Our bird watching trail follows the cascading waterfalls of Little Barton Creek. Once a year, a regular nesting pair of toucans can been seen in a large Bullet Tree that hugs the banks of the creek.  For birding enthusiasts, Collard Aracaris, Yellow Headed Parrots, flocks of Green Parakeets, as well as the very photogenic inspiration to our logo, the Kis-ka-dee, are morning and afternoon regulars found in the 20 different mature fruit trees at Lower Dover Jungle Lodge.

Our Maya Ruin trail intersects the 15+ plazas and multiple unexcavated structures overlooking the Belize River on the site named “Lower Dover”.  The tallest of these structures is 36 feet, and many others are over 25 feet. The site is believed to be a royal ceremonial center, where nobility conducted and regulated trade along the Belize River valley. It is a major discovery and more will be officially announced as concrete information becomes available during further dig seasons.  The site is adjacent from the much studied housing settlement of Barton Ramie on the opposite side of the Belize River. The jungle was so thick we didn’t even know how big some of the ruins were and we have lived here for 25 years! so it is very understandable why Harvard archaeologists Gordon Willey did not find the site during the 1950’s when he was digging nearby.

Our medicinal plant trail has over 100 different trees, vines, and ferns that have been used since Mayan times for traditional holistic uses.  It is amazing to learn about where the many synthetic drugs we regularly take are derived.  Further fun facts about the Belize’s past in the rubber and chicle industry are sure to fascinate. The 85 jungle acres of untouched jungle are a site to see and we are happy to protect its pristine state for future generations to enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your reservation procedures and terms and conditions?

Once you have provided us with contact information, reservation dates and availability have been verified, we will send you a confirmation email with a deposit invoice.

Cancellation Policy: Prepaid reservations are 75% refundable if cancellation is received via email more than 30 days prior to check in date. Reservation deposits are made viawww.PayPal.com (LowerDoverBelize@gmail.com is our account number). Once confirmation reservation has been emailed, there will be a USD$10 fee for each reservation change. The balance of all outstanding charges associated with your stay is due by noon on the day before check out to avoid rush situations the morning of departure. We accept major credit cards for food and drink purchases, and extended stays. Cash or Pay-Pal payments are preferred. ATMs are located in Belmopan, Spanish Lookout and San Ignacio. Rates are subject to change and may vary for events beyond our control, such as changes in taxes.

Lower Dover Field Station will not be responsible for any loss of or damage to personal property during your stay or during your adventures. We provide locks and keys for each room, and a locker for each bunk-room guest.

Lower Dover Field Station will not accept responsibility for any delays, additional expenses or inconveniences which may be caused directly or indirectly by events outside our control such as late arrival of flights, severe weather, acts of God, acts of government, illness, or the failure of any machinery or equipment. Travel insurance issued at the time of booking from your travel agent or via services on the Internet can offer you protection from most unanticipated problems.

Getting to Belize

It is possible to fly into Belize City through the United Sates via hubs in Houston, Atlanta, Miami, and Charlotte. Taca Airlines has flights that originate in the U.S. and fly to San Salvador first before Belize. It is also much cheaper to fly through Cancun, Mexico on most occasions. One ADO luxury bus travels from the Cancun airport to Belize City and vise versa daily, and costs about $25 US. A great price comparison website exists to find the best deal from airports in the US, Canada, and Europe:  http://gettingtobelize.com/

What are my transportation options from the Belize International Airport (BZE)?

Door to Door Service: Our driver can pick you up and deliver you safely to us. Please reserve our shuttle service in advance of your arrival to avoid confusion and extra cost.

Public Transportation: Take a taxi to Belize City’s bus terminal, then a public bus on the Western Highway to Unitedville, Cayo District. Catch the bus indicating CAYO or BENQUE . The bus will stop in Belmopan en route. See map for detailed directions once in Unitedville. Call or email us in advance so we can pick you up at Unitedville’s bus stop, saving you a walk down our ½ mile driveway. The folks at Unitedville’s Hardware Store or the U-Store-It office will help you if you have questions when you get off the bus. Note: if arriving in the late afternoon/evening, be sure to bring flashlights for the walk to Lower Dover for the highway. Otherwise, bring a cell phone and we will be happy to pick you up when you call.

How far away are you from the BZE airport?

59 miles / 95 km
Lower Dover Shuttle: 1½ hour drive.
Public Bus: About a 2 hour bus ride.

How far away are you from San Ignacio?

13 miles / 21 km
Lower Dover Shuttle: 20 minutes
Public Bus: About 30-40 minutes

What should I bring in addition to my Passport?


Bathing suits and shorts (we provide all towels). A tropical “clothing barrier” is recommended for insect and sunburn protection. Light weight long pants, a light weight long sleeve shirt and tube socks will be your best friend. Polyester blends are better than 100% cotton as polyester dries faster, is cooler and is lighter weight.

Protective Footwear:

Hiking boots or tennis shoes for the jungle is a must. No open toe-flip-flops.

Water socks: River & beach friendly shoes that you can swim in (secure elastic straps)

Soccer type, slipper slip-on sandals or crocks are perfect for lounging.

Sun Protection:

Clothing barriers are best (see above), plus a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses

Insect Repellent: (Weather conditions dictate the type and number of insect visitors) Dry season has hardly any, rainy season has considerably more.

Clothing barriers are best (see above). But if you prefer to use a chemical repellant use a low percentage Deep-Woods Off with DEET; Avon’s Skin-So-Soft is a milder alternative and recommended for children.

Bed netting in the cabanas is available upon request

Water Bottle/Canteen

Large enough to keep you hydrated on your daily trekking adventures. LDFS has potable, filtered drinking water for ice or canteen fill-ups. Bottled water is available for sale.


Small binoculars are best. Too many accessories detract from enjoying the experience. Many parrots and toucans can been seen at LDFS at sun up and at sun down. Bird guides are available.

Headlamps: (bring fresh batteries)

Handy for cave tubing and walking around the compound at night. Re-use your headlamp in your home emergency kit.

Biodegradable toiletries:

Earth friendly soaps and shampoos are appreciated. Bathing is magical in our 4 freshwater pools. Our rainwater cabin showers are heavenly, especially for those used to hard water.

Can you arrange tours and transportation to nearby attractions for us?

Yes. Ask us for a list of adventure options and tour packages.

What tours are offered by Lower Dover Field Station?

Tours fall into day and half day packages. We can send you a basic rate sheets and follow up with customized tours based upon your interest. All of our tours off the property are booked through PACZ Tours in San Ignacio, who we have used and trusted with our guests safety and enjoyment since our beginning. They bring 30+ years of Belize experience to the table and are the best bet for a great tour in Belize. All tours on the property are free of charge to paying guests, except for guided bird walks, which involve hiring a local guide.  The Lower Dover staff books all tours (ATM Cave, Tikal, Zip Lining, Cave Tubing, Canoeing, or Horseback Riding) free of charge.

For reservations, brochures, or rate sheet contact us at:

Lower Dover Field Station LTD
Madeline or Bill Reynolds
011-501-834-4200 or 011-501-666-1756
Our SKYPE identification is: LowerDoverBelize
e-mail: LowerDoverBelize@gmail.com


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