Getting Here

Lower Dover is Located only 1/2 Mile from Mile 59 Western Highway

Airfare from Cancun is sometimes cheaper, and its possible to take the bus the entire way. Here is a story how to get to Belize from Mexico:

We are very close to the best tourist attraction in Western Belize, ATM Cave. This allows guests more time to relax at Lower Dover and less time spent traveling on bumpy roads in a van. Feel free to steal our photos of ATM Cave for  yourselves to show your friends since photography is no longer allowed in the Cave due to a camera falling and breaking a skull.

Also because Lower Dover is so close to the highway, it is extremely easy for back packers to continue on to Tikal. You can come back in a day, but this is best if trying to explore Flores, and for those traveling through Central America on a budget.

It is also very easy to see nearby Maya sites Xunantunich and Cahal Pech by bus, also the Lamani Maya site in Orange Walk, first by bus then by boat.





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