One the many flowers you’ll see at Lower Dover.


3 thoughts on “Periwinkle

    • Hi,
      It is nice to know some one living in Utah. Please write a blog on your work and your state. People living in far flung areas of the planet can have an idea how much beauty is around you. Though we cannot visit your country, we can understand a small part.Thanks.

      • Hello Pattu – if you will look at my blog category of Work/Thoughts from Work, you will find many posts that provide great insight into the kind of work that I do and have done over the past twenty years. I am currently a disease investigator with the health department here in Salt Lake City. Before working here, I was a supervisor of 9-1-1 operators and dispatchers for the police department in Phoenix, Arizona. There is a particular post from April of 2010 called, “Inside the Roller-coaster” that provides a very close-up view of that job with the police department.

        I haven’t written much about life in Utah in particular, but I have posted many photos from the local area. I will consider writing something about Utah, though. It will be an interesting assignment.

        I will be visiting with you often…taking glimpses into your world also…. :)

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