Jungle Bird Alarm: Plain Chachalaca

When we went to the Belize Zoo on a day trip from Lower Dover Jungle Lodge, we got a lot of “cheap shots”, which is fine because wildlife photographers have been taking them at the Belize Zoo for years. Because of the zoo’s unique natural setting, National Geographic used to shoot jungle action videos from the cages of the Belize Zoo.

Plain Chacalaca at the Belize Zoo

This time we didn’t have a cage, but this Plain Chacalaca decided to stop at a feed dish to eat some of the fruit left for one of the animals. These birds have it nice at the zoo with cut fruit!  They have to pick it off the trees at Lower Dover, but that makes for a bunch of opportunites.for great bird pics. 

Cheap Shot!! Chacalaca eating from fruit bowl at the Belize Zoo


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