Bird Week in Belize: Brown Jays aka Pam Pams

Brown Jay, aka Pam Pam, seen in the jungle at Lower Dover

Since bird watching is such a breeze at Lower Dover Jungle Lodge, we decided to showcase some bird photography that we have stashed away for safe keeping. Today marks the beginning of our self proclaimed bird week here at Lower Dover. Birding here is as simple as looking outside your cabana at all times of day. This time it was a Brown Jay, aka Pam Pam (because of the noisy call) near the Honeymoon Suite.

Birding for Brown Jays at Lower Dover Jungle Lodge

These jays are very common in the jungle. They act as “jungle watchmen” to alert the forest animals of activity on the ground, from a perched position in the canopy. While hiking the nature trails at Lower Dover Jungle Lodge, bird seekers are sure to encounter at least one, but more likely a large group of Brown Jays. Trust us, birders will know when the Pam Pam is around…


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