Jungle Bird Photos : Female White-Collared Seedeater

Earlier we wrote a story how we were fortunate to have a nesting pair of White Collard Seedeaters right outside of the bunkhouse at Lower Dover Belize Jungle Lodge. This kind of seedeater is very common in the fields and along forest edges throughout the Cayo District.

Female White Collared Seedeater photograph in bamboo

While on a bird watching hike along the Belize River, we spotted this female White-Collared Seedeater perched on a bamboo thistle overhanging the confluence of Barton Creek and the Belize River.

Bird Photography in Belize at Lower Dover Jungle Lodge

In the absence of the clearly marked male nearby, we identified this female jungle bird by it’s buff to whitish wingbars thanks to Birds of Belize, by H. Lee Jones.

Clearly marked wingbars make this female bird easy to identify


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