I was wrong…Belikin Sorrel Stout is the best beer in Belize

3 Amigos: Belikin Stout, Regular, and Holiday Sorrel Stout

Earlier this month I wrote a story about the beer in Belize. Belikin produces all 4 different styles and brands the beer in the country, in addition to importing Guinness and Smrinoff Ice. Belikin Regular and Stout are standard at nearly every bar. Belikin Premium is produced in a larger bottle, and caries a larger cost, unjustifiable for the additional quality of the beer. Belikin also produces Lighthouse Lager which is the only beer in Belize served in a green bottle.

2 More Beliken Sorrel Stouts Please

Recently, Belikin decided to produce a limited run holiday beer named Sorrel Stout, after the beer’s key ingredient Sorrel, a herbaceous bush grown locally and used in many holiday treats. Belikin Sorrel Stout is in a class all by itself as far as taste and quality for Belize beer. Sorrel Stout was such as big hit that it lasted only 10 days on retail shelves in Belize before selling out of its limited run on December 13th! Luckily we were able to snag a case and l can tell you first hand that it was delicious!

3 Amigos: Belikin Stout, Regular, and Holiday Sorrel Stout

Word is more Sorrel Stout is on the way. A second batch is being brewed as I type with 3,500 cases in planed total. Great news if you ask me! Lower Dover Jungle Lodge can’t get enough… Enjoy a beer shooting a game of billiards in the evening after a day of touring the on site Mayan ruins!

Pool table at Lower Dover Jungle Lodge Belize

A special note from Lower Dover: Sorrel is a laxative and we found out the hard way… after serving pitchers of sorrel juice to the students digging with BVAR archaeology group in the summer. Make sure you tell your friends to enjoy Sorrel responsibly for multiple reasons!


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